Jamia Islamia Imdadia is a religious university, imparting religious eduction to the people since more than three decades. It was founded by the esteemed personality Sheikh ul Hadith Hazrat Moulana Nazir Ahamd. Jamia offers the different courses to the persons of all community. People of all ages are enrolled for these courses. The brief description of the courses offerred by the Jamia is being listed below. The people can have further inquiries at this email address info@imdadia.edu.pk

Dars e Nizami

Dars e Nizami is a major course of religious eduction. Duration of this this course is 8 year. Eligible for this course should have passed the Secondary School Certificate (Matric) or Elementary School Certificate (Middle).

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The students who have passed Dars e Nizami course are offerred Specialization in Fiqah. This course duration is 3 years. The admission is given to the selected student. These students are trained under the supervsion of expert scholars (Mufti).

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Drasaat denia

Drasaat e denia is short course offerred by Wafaq ul Madaris. Its duration is of 2 years. Matric pass person are eligible for this course. This is specially designed for persons who are students of colleges or from bussiness community.

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Hifz ul Quran

Hifz ul Quran al Karim deparment of Jamia provides the opportunity to learn quran by heart (Hifz the quran). Persons of all ages can get addmission in this course. Expert Teachers (Qaries) are appointed to educate the students.

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Qira'art & Tajweed

In Qira'at and Tajweed course, senior and expert teachers are appointed to train the students in Qira'at and Tajweed.

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Nazira Quran Pak

Jamia also provides the Nazira education to the students. The classes are held daily in the moring and evening. The students come daily, Jamia does not privde residence to these students.

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Dar ul Iftah

Dar ul Iftah is a most importent department of Jamia. It servers the people to solve their religious issue by giving guidance in the light of Sharia. The Dar ul Iftah department is running under the expert Mufties (Schollars) who also have the eyes on the Jadeed Masaael (Latest issues).

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Short Courses

Jamia Islamia Imdadia also offers the different short courses from time to time. People of all community show the interest in these short courses and join these courses and get benefits of these courses.

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News and announcement

آن لائن رجسٹریشن فارم داخلہ

برائے سال 21-۱۴۴۱/2020

جدید طلباء درج ذیل لنک پر رجسٹریشن کروائیں

رجسٹریشن فارم کے لیئے یہاں کلک کریں


قدیم طلباء جامعہ کے دفتر سے رابطہ فرماکر داخلہ کی تصدیق کرلیں آلائن فارم پر کرنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے جدید طلباء دی گئی ہدایات کے مطابق فارم پر کریں۔ کسی بھی دشواری کی صورت میں جامعہ کے آفیشل نمبر پر رابطہ کریں۔ 0418717811 0418717812


Saturday, June 02, 2029

Ijtamai Qurbani 2020

Qurbani booking has been started

Every body interested in Ijtamai Qurbani Program can book Complete  Animal (7 parts) or parts needed. For booking contact Imdadia reception office.

  • Amount Per part: 11,000/=
  • Amount Complete animal (Cow): 77,000/=

Booking is on first come first get basis.


Friday, June 26, 2020

خطاب جمعہ

اصلاحی خطاب

شیخ الحدیث حضرت مفتی محمد طیب صاحب دامت برکاتہم جامعہ مسجد جامعہ اسلامیہ امدادیہ فیصل آباد میں جمعہ کا خطاب فرمائیں گے۔

نوٹ: حضرت اقدس کا نماز جمعہ کے بعد مختصر اصلاحی بیان بھی ہوتا ہے

Modify date:
Friday, January 27, 2017

مجلس ذکر

سلسلہ وار مجلس ذکر

الحمد للہ جامعہ میں پندردن بعد اتوار بعد نمازمغرب مجلس ذکر منعقد ہوتی ہے جس میں صدر جامعہ شیخ الحدیث حضرت مفتی محمد طیب مدظلہ مختصر اصلاحی بیان بھی فرماتے ہیں

Modify date:
Friday, January 27, 2017

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